Welcome to Love Stitches By Naomi

Love Stitches has been in business since 2008, located in the village of Red Hook NY.  It is a home-based business, owned and operated by Naomi Fata.

Services: Alterations, Custom sewing, fitted slipcovers and more

History of Love Stitches

My shop

My shop

My interest in sewing began as a child. Every school holiday offered uninterrupted time for a new sewing project. From curtains to quilts, pajamas to baby dresses, I sewed anything that caught my interest.

A year before I got married I was a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding. All of the attire for the bridal party had been sewn by a homeschool family who worked out of their home. This perked my interest. For years I had been in retail management but knew that I did not want the demands of this type of work once I had my own family.
I shared this with several friends, I including my fiancé. Soon after settling into married life I began Love Stitches by Naomi. It has grown far beyond my original imagination! I love the flexibility of being home with my children and the opportunity to meet new interesting people.

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Naomi is also publishing a faith book in 2014. To visit her author page click here