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Pack and play hanging activity quilt: Custom Gifts Red Hook NY 12571

15 Feb

This activity quilt was especially designed by the grandmother of the baby and it started out with a sketch

20140213-191830.jpgFrom there I graphed it to size and designed it to hang on the small side of a standard pack n play


My client also made paper animal cut outs as she is much more of an artist than myself.


I slightly altered these for practical sewing. The idea was to have the animals as plain as possible with no added embellishments.


And the finished result…… 20140213-191444.jpg

NOTE: The embroidery header was not done by Love Stitches but was contracted out as I do not do any machine embroidery at the current time.


Custom Made Parade Banner: Red Hook NY 12571

12 Feb

This banner was especially designed for a dance studio to use in a parade. It was made from blue and white felt.

First I hemmed the banner to size, leaving room at the bottom for a small dowel to hold the weight of the banner down while marching and leaving a pocket at the top for a much larger dowel which is the main support.


I designed the lettering on the computer and printed it to size. I ironed Pellon Clear Fuse 800 onto the white felt for the lettering.

20140212-061839.jpgAfter the white was backed with the pellon the letters were traced using the printed pattern,cut and pinned to the banner


Then each letter was ironed on and voila.


Make a Stuffed Goblin Shark

14 Dec

When I received a phone call asking if I could make a stuffed goblin shark I didn’t even know such a creature existed. What an unusual request! It turns out all one little boy wanted for Christmas was this particular species of shark, but much to his mother’s chagrin she could not find any company that made them so she was referred to me.

I looked around online for a picture that I thought would be easiest to replicate and found this one.


Then I enlarged it and printed it the size I wanted. At first I tried a 16″ body length and it just looked too small, so I enlarged it to about a 26″ body length plus fins and front dagger snout which brought it to about 40″ long. I printed this and used it as a template.

My paper template.

My paper template.

Then the work began on the body, fins, and teeth.

A close up of the teeth already sewn in

A close up of the teeth already sewn in


The body of the shark before the bottom fins were added

The body of the shark before the bottom fins were added

In the process of stuffing

In the process of stuffing


Finished stuffed goblin shark

Finished stuffed goblin shark

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